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Pest Control in Melbourne, Brevard County, Florida


Bedbug Eradication
Termite Specialists
Mosquito Abatement



AKA 'Friends of Bats'
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Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control

Do Pest Control Contractors need to be licensed and insured in Florida?
Florida exterminators and requirements of DACS. more...

Background on Bedbugs
Bed bugs travel by way of luggage, pets, clothing, planes and cars. They typically bite and eat blood at night while people are sleeping. Bedbugs live in cracks, in carpets, in mattresses and behind wallpaper. more...

Bedbug Bites
Was I bit by mosquitoes or are there bedbugs here? You won't be able to know that the bites are from bed bugs until you see the bedbugs. more...

Bedbug Control
Insecticides, extreme heat, cleaning..... more...

What Insecticides Work on Bedbugs?
Immunity is rising. Chemicals include gentrol and pyrrole. more...

Do Carpenter Ants eat wood and damage building structures?
Carpenters don't eat wood - why would carpenter ants? They do nest in water damaged or rotten wood. more...

Six Outdoor Things to Help Prevent Insects, Rodents and Snakes from Taking Up Residence
Install gaskets on thresholds, seal cracks, keep firewood a distance from the house. Repair leaky hoses and faucets in order to prevent mildew and moisture. more...

Four Indoor Things To Keep Insects Out
Clean, dry and sealed. Keep crawlspaces screened. Don't allow fungus and mold to grow in moist areas. more...

Can I control termites myself?
Experts are better equipped and familiar with appropriate pesticides and methods to apply chemicals. more...

What are Floridas most common kinds of wood eating organisms?
Two basic kinds of termites and fungus.... more...

Six Things to Ask Your Termite Control Company
Always start with verification of exterminator license and insurance. What is the exterminator willing to warranty? more...

How do you treat for Cockroaches?
Hit every tiny crevice and crack with pesticide. Infestations usually require professional exterminators. more...

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