Smoking Prohibitions and the Law

A lease may forbid smoking in rental units or in some or all common areas. Make sure to use a professionally created lease that is up to date with respect to Florida landlord tenant and federal law.

  • Smoking is not a protected activity in either federal law or Florida statute. However, an asthmatic tenant who claims to be adversely affected by second-hand smoke can sue the landlord claiming the landlord failed to accommodate the tenant under the Fair Housing Act.
  • Prohibiting smoking or restricting smoking to certain common areas may reduce the potential of facing lawsuits related Fair Housing Act or Americans with Disability Act – ADA.
  • If the lease does not prohibit smoking, the landlord may not forbid smoking. Lease renewals can prohibit smoking.

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Experia, one of the big three credit reporting agencies, is now including rent payment data in credit reports. As Experian now owns RentBureau’s multi-family division, landlords and property managers can now help good tenants by reporting prompt payments.

According to Brannan Johnson, VP and Managing Director of Experian RentBureau, over one third of “consumers in the highest risk VantageScore® score band will improve to at least the next score band with the addition of positive rental data from RentBureau. According to Multi-Family Housing Council, about 96 million people, or about one third of the US population, live in rentals.

It sounds like a lot of people could benefit from this. RentBureau currently collects rental data representative of 8 million tenants. Millions of tenants can help their credit. Property Managers and landlords are equipped with a new tool to reward prompt rent payments.

The upside is clear. Is there a downside?

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