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Kira Yager / BATH FITTER

If you think updating one or more bathrooms in a multi-unit property will take countless hours of demolition and labor, days upon days of construction, cause a big mess, and create lots of dust, think again. There’s an easier way.

Instead of renovating the bath area by ripping out the old tub, removing tons of tiles and plaster, and disturbing the plumbing, hire a professional firm to make proper use of a modern acrylic liner. In significantly less time, effort and money than traditional remodeling would require, you can modernize from old steel and cast iron to an attractive liner, and have it installed right over the old tub. In one day, not weeks, you can completely change the look of an old, outdated bathroom. The right bathroom remodeling firm can get in and out – it’s the no-fuss way to remodel.

A bathroom remodeling specialist can provide a professional, hassle-free quote. Bathroom issues are identified and solutions to best address those issues are presented. The job is evaluated, and a detailed quote with no hidden costs is prepared.

State-of-the-art tubs, showers and wall systems are made of high-gloss, durable acrylic. Those who work in construction know an acrylic tub is more functional than its steel and cast iron counterparts. Acrylic weighs less, is long lasting, and is unbelievably easy to clean (just a simple spray and wipe is all that is needed – no elbow grease necessary). The acrylic tub liner and seamless bath wall both act as a protective barrier against soap scum, mold, and mildew. Nothing gets between the new tub liner and the bathtub. Not only is acrylic material easier to clean, it also acts as an insulator, keeping water warmer, longer.

And guess what – it turns out that not only is an acrylic tub liner a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to remodel a bath; not only is it aesthetically pleasing and modern, it’s a very green way to remodel a bathroom. By installing an acrylic tub liner over an existing tub, it never ends up in a landfill. Acrylic wall systems, which are placed over old tile, also prevent tile from being ripped out and polluting our landfills even more.

BATH FITTER offers an array of modern, innovative bathroom designs, accessories, and products. Choose from a full line of made-to-match accessories, curved shower rods, frameless tub and shower doors, faucets in a variety of colors and collections, plus safety accessories such as shower seats and grab bars. Remodeling options also include ceilings and adding new accessories. Or, convert the bathtub area into a walk-in shower. This is especially beneficial to those with mobility issues.

When commercial property owners need quality bathroom renovating, they call BATH FITTER. Specify BATH FITTER’s services; call for your free estimate today.