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Wendy Murray, LCAM, CMCA; Association Services of Florida

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A Florida licensed Community Association Manager as well as a professional Community Association Management Firm should do the following to guide you before, during and after hurricane season.
Prior to hurricane season:
·         Take photos of the property, prepare electronic backups of important data, review insurance policies and mitigate risks
·         Develop a disaster plan that is tailored to the needs of the property and have it reviewed by an emergency management professional and provided to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, notify the residents of the disaster plan.
·         Perform proper tree pruning and trimming
·         Have all Lift Stations serviced
·         Identify on the Site Plan all shut-off valves, generators, location of supplies and designated area for residents to meet to obtain information after the storm
·         Perform inventory of all supplies and replenish stock accordingly
·         Contract with vendor(s) for debris cleanup and roof repairs with pricing structures established before hurricane season and specify the response and recovery expectations
After a hurricane or damaging storm has passed:
·         CAM will initiate communications with the designated personnel and/or Board members at the property in accordance with the disaster plan in effect.
·         CAM will visit the property, assess the damages, take photos, document damages and contact appropriate vendors and Board members
·         CAM will post notices and advise residents of pertinent information, i.e. temporary shelters, response plans and emergency management advisories
·         CAM will contact the insurance agent and initiate claims process
·         CAM will monitor vendors for contractual compliance for response efforts
·         CAM will coordinate volunteers from the community as well as response efforts
During recovery efforts and restoration:
·         CAM will obtain any necessary bids for work and consult engineers and/or industry experts for guidance regarding scope of work
·         CAM will research vendors for proper licenses, insurance coverage and license complaints

        Association Services of Florida provides community association management and developer services throughout Florida. Should you desire more information about emergency preparedness and/or assistance with developing a disaster plan for your community association, feel free to contact Wendy at wmurray@associaflorida.com or (800) 714-3514.

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