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Trevor Blanc, LV Solutions, Inc.

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Transmission of fire and security alerts via telephone lines present various vulnerabilities. Wire can become severed, shorted or faulted….and it provides a direct path from lightning strike to security equipment. Another drawback is that the expense of dedicated phone lines is sometimes required.

It is now possible to wirelessly transmit this information via long-range radio networks. This technology enables companies to use radio as the primary and only means of signal transmission, thus allowing for the customer huge savings on expensive phone lines.
AES Corporation - www.aes-intellinet.com - is the industry leader delivering high quality wireless mesh networks to multiple industries, including the fire alarm and burglary monitoring market. The system is a patented, redundant, fully supervised, UL listed, intelligent wireless alarm reporting network. This means that all equipment is constantly monitored for failures assuring the system is fully operational at all times.
This self healing, long range wireless mesh radio communication network works in conjunction with the Internet and provides Central Monitoring Services the ability to monitor locations all around locally and nationwide without recurring monthly communications costs or infrastructure fees typically associated with remote monitoring.
LV Solutions, Inc. is a registered distributor of the AES Radio network. LV Solutions, Inc is a full service low voltage systems contractor and provides service for fire alarms, access control systems and intrusion detection systems. 407-771-2020; www.lvsinc.net

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