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Once a hurricane warning is issued for a particular area, it is in the interest of the Property Management Company:

·        To remove all objects which are prone to become missiles. Such objects would include deck chairs, pool equipment, small potted plants, unattached benches and tables, and other such items.
·        Notices should be prepared to be passed out or posted on every resident’s door concerning the necessity of moving all objects not fixed to the premises from balcony areas or breezeways. These notices should be passed out when a hurricane watch is issued.
While the property is not liable for acts of God, such as a hurricane, it is liable for any objects which are negligently left about the property which become missiles in hurricane force winds which result in damage or injury.
If your complex is located in an evacuation area, the notice to residents referred to above should note the designated shelter to which residents would be asked to report. It should also be noted that in the event the apartment complex is in an evacuation area, that residents should stay tuned to local news channels and would remain on the property at their own risk.
In the event a hurricane does strike your property and cause substantial damage to individual units, your duty as a landlord is to reduce rent based upon degree of inhabitability of the unit in questions.
If you need more information concerning these matters, contact your attorney.
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