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Jennifer Ragsdale

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Duval Asphalt, (904)296-2020, www.duvalasphalt.com/streetprint_pavement_texturing.html

Though the pros and cons of Brick Pavers vs. Stamped Concrete are well-known to the property management industry, a newer option is eliciting wows. StreetPrint™ Decorative Asphalt is a texturing process, designed to replicate the classic look of brick or cobblestone, without the headaches associated with traditional pavers and Stamped Concrete.

Asphalt is imprinted and colored to take on the appearance of brick, cobblestone, or any decorative rock surface. In some cases, StreetPrint can be installed on newer asphalt (less than 3 years old) with no need to buy additional asphalt – the existing asphalt is heated, molded and colored in a quick process. In other cases, some new asphalt is required.
However, StreetPrint can be installed very quickly with little disruption and at a fraction of the cost of traditional pavers.
Decorative Asphalt is a flexible surface that is more likely to accept shifting due to weather extremes and can resist cracking commonly associated with Stamped Concrete. StreetPrint can be installed very quickly with relatively little disruption, so it is usually much less costly and disruptive than concrete alternatives. And StreetPrint is a seamless application just like Stamped Concrete - this prevents growth of vegetation and penetration of water.
Vehicle braking, accelerating and steering will not shift or break StreetPrint – this often happens with brick pavers. StreetPrint is very easy to patch and repairs are virtually invisible.
Clients include numerous rental and condominium communities, SeaWorld in Orlando, San Diego Zoo, Clearwater and various municipalities. It’s ideal for parking lots, pedestrian areas, driveways, parks, playgrounds and streets.

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