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Dustie Zager, Zager Plumbing & Solar Inc.

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Zager Plumbing & Solar Inc is a certified licensed plumbing contractor with expertise in solar. Leading the way with alternative energy Zager Plumbing & Solar Inc can assist in the future drive towards going green. Zager Plumbing & Solar Inc specializes in large commercial applications of all types and sizes and services the United States, Caribbean Islands, Central and South America.

Thanks to recent technological advances, solar hot water systems have become an effective means to cut costs for commercial properties.
Commercial properties are now using evacuated tube collectors that are dependable in all types of climate. Tube collectors absorb solar energy and the heated water that is then transfered into the storage tank. The heat is then transferred into the copper coil heat exchanger located inside the tank and then into the domestic hot water system.
Collapsible tanks can fit through a 19 inch door way and be set up in a matter of hours, thus making them ideal for pre-exisitng buildings.
Generally, speaking, a solar hot water system will reduce a utility bill from 25% to 85% depending if the given fuel - LP Gas, Electric, Natural Gas or Fuel Oil. United States businesses also qualify for Federal, State and Local Rebates, thus affording even greater ROI.
But that’s not all - commercial solar hot water systems reduce building temperature during the hot summer months when the A/C usage it at its peak. In addition to absorbing sun for hot water, they also block sun rays from the building, thus lowering the utility bill.

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