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Wendy Murray; FEMV, CMCA, LCAM; Association Services of Florida

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Often people say that they need better time management. What exactly does that mean? Time passes regardless of our efforts to control it, manipulate it or in a sense manage it. If we cannot control time then what can we do?

Personal schedules or your community association’s annual plan or schedule should each be reviewed and revised on a weekly basis or more frequently. We cannot manage time. However, we should manage our commitments and projects.
One way to start is to perform “reverse planning”. For a personal calendar, this would mean examining your calendar for the year, marking your vacations, special events and occasions and then inserting your other commitments around those. The best way to organize your personal calendar is to begin with the items or events that are most important to you and work around them, i.e. vacations, holidays. For a community association’s annual plan or calendar the same method would hold true. The meetings or events most important to the association should be listed on the calendar first, i.e. Annual Meeting, Budget Meeting, Fall Festival, etc. Other meetings and events can then be inserted around the ones that are most important.
After the calendar has been finished, it is not completed until you are able to revise and adjust accordingly and keep your commitments. Review the calendar’s appointments for sufficient time. Where time is too tight, consider delegating to other people or committees. Review calendars and schedules on a weekly basis, thus allowing you to update, revise and delegate as needed in order to meet project deadlines and keep appointments.
Keeping commitments is integral to your integrity. Managing your commitments in order to meet them is what can be referred to as “time management.”
Association Services of Florida provides community association management and developer services throughout Florida. Wendy can be contacted at wmurray@associaflorida.com or (800) 714-3514.

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