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Waterproofing Contractors, Maryland


What Should I Consider When Hiring a Licensed & Insured Waterproofing Contractor in Maryland?

Your Waterproofing Contractor should do a thorough inspection and explain proposed work in detail. Does his proposal include warranty? If scope of work requires a permit, has your licensed & insured Maryland Waterproofing Company included cost of pulling the permit? What is the start date and estimated finish date? What specifically does the warranty cover? Who will be in charge of the project.

Establish specifications and then you can have qualified waterproofing contractors bid on the same requirements. The cheapest contractor isnt always the best value. Check references.

Dont hire an amateur to waterproof your basement. Insist on seeing evidence of Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHOC) license. You can check license data at Maryland DLLR. Various municipalities and counties in Maryland also require contractors to be licensed and depending on scope of work, pull permits.

Why Should I Waterproof the Basements of My Maryland Property?

Limit danger and liability and increase property value. A licensed and insured Maryland Waterproofing Contractor can repair problems that are important to property value and health. Trapped water can cause dangerous mold, damage foundation walls and cause dry rot..and a dry basement means more living space. To convert a dry basement into finished space costs only a fraction of the cost of building a new extension.

Lawsuits regarding claims from health issues caused from mold are often excluded from commercial and homeowners policies. Lawsuits related to claims of black mold and other potentially dangerous molds are common.

Nothing turns a potential buyer or renter off like mold. Waterproofing makes a lot of financial sense it effects property value and reduces liability.

Beware of Signs of Water Damage in the Basement of Your Maryland Property.

Look for mold or mildew, warped paneling, rust on appliances or fusebox, musty odor, peeling or discolored paint, dark gray color on concrete walls, chalky looking mineral deposits on the wall.

Tape a square of aluminum foil to your moist wall and seal airtight. Wait a few days and check. Moisture outside shows condensation; moisture inside indicates seepage.

Why Should I Hire Only a Maryland Waterproofing Contractor that is Licensed & Insured?

Damage or injury caused by a Maryland non-licensed Waterproofing Contractor can result in denial of coverage. And if am uninsured Maryland contractors employee gets hurt on the job, you can be liable. And if you didnt pull a permit when required, you might be forced to undo the work.

Bonding can cover various property damage claims caused by a Maryland Waterproofing Company. Talk to your Insurance Agent about what you need to require from your Maryland contractor. Maryland verifies Workers Compensation data here.

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