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Snow Plow Removal, Maryland


Why Hire a Professional Snow Removal Company for my Property in Maryland?

Professional Snow Plowing Companies in Maryland use techniques to minimize risk of injury to pedestrians and property damage. A dependable Snow Removal Contractor has the proper equipment and skills to remove snow and de-ice. Snow plowing and anti-icing experts are knowledgeable about the best products available.

As we all know, snow doesnt fall in Maryland at convenient hours - reliable snow removal companies are prepared to remove snow at any hour. Protect your propertys inhabitants and your liability. Make sure that your contract outlines timeliness and appropriateness of response.

Check snow conditions and live traffic cam.

Check snow conditions and live traffic cam.

7 Points When Hiring A Snow Plow Company in Maryland

Whats in the proposal?

1. Is snow plow a fixed price for the season? If so, are there extra charges in the case of heavier than usual snow?

2. If yes, how is snowfall to be measured?

3. Is cost of salt and sand included?

4. Will snow be plowed during or only after snowstorm?

5. How quickly will work begin?

6. Are sidewalks and all parking spaces included?

7. Check referrals. Make sure to address all issues in a contract. Otherwise, calling to have snow removed during a storm is like looking for a taxi in Baltimore during a rainstorm. Some municipalities and counties require license.

Should my Maryland Snow Removal Contractor be Insured?

Snow Removal is dangerous work. According to a 2003 report by US Consumer Product Safety Commission, injuries and death caused by snow removal cost over $1 billion per year. Professional snow removal contractors buy specialized insurance policies to cover various liabilities associated with snow removal.

Professional Property Managers wont assume the liability of hiring uninsured snow removal companies - smart homeowners dont either. If employees of an uninsured contractor are injured or cause injury, your homeowners policy might deny the claim. Why open yourself to the all that liability?

Ask your insurance agent about what insurance documents you need from your snow removal company. You can check your snow removal contractors workers comp.

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