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Plumbers, Maryland


Know 7 Things When Hiring a Maryland Plumber

On most cases, when a person hires a plumber, it is an emergency. If you are lucky enough to have the luxury of a little time, allow more than one plumber to give you a price. But the best solution is to research and find a plumber before you need one. One mistake can result in thousands of dollars in damage.

1. Is the plumber experienced with the specific work required to solve your problem?

2. If work involves gas lines, how much experience does he have?

3. What specifically does the warranty cover?

4. Does the plumbing company have heavy duty equipment leak detectors, pipeline cameras, rebar locators, plumbing augurs, heavy duty snakes, etc.?

5. Check for applicable licensing.

6. Will estimate include cost of pulling permit?

7. Check referrals.

Should I Hire only a Maryland Plumber that is Licensed & Insured?

In Maryland, hiring an unlicensed plumbing contractor can result in denial of insurance claims for injury or property insurance. An inspector can require demolition of unpermitted work.

Maryland's State Board of Plumbing licenses plumbing and gas services. Maryland plumbing and gas licenses are required except for Baltimore County and areas served by Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), which issue their own licenses. You can check Maryland Plumber License status with DLLR. Check with your county or municipality about applicable permitting.

Speak with your insurance agent about what verification of insurance you should require from you plumber. Maryland verifies Workers Compensation.

Find Plumbers, where to pull permits and Chambers of Commerce in these cities:

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