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Fire & Water Restoration, Maryland


Nine Pointers When Hiring a Fire & Water Restoration Contractor in Maryland

Your Maryland Restoration Contractor should do a thorough inspection and explain proposed work in detail. Once you have filed an insurance claim, water, mold and fire damage needs to be remediated quickly. FEMA outlines steps to take for water and fire damage.

1. When will the Fire Restoration begin?

2. Will the Maryland Remediation company bill your insurance company directly?

3. If scope of work requires a permit, has your licensed & insured restoration company included cost of pulling the permit?

4. What are the start and estimated finish dates?

5. Most jobs should be completed within 30 days as a rule of thumb - bigger jobs shouldn't take longer than 60 days.

6. Does the proposal include warranty and what specifically does it cover?

7. How will the Remediation company test to ensure that the work is complete?

8. Who will be in charge of the project?

9. Establish specifications and then you can have qualified fire and water cleanup contractors bid on the same requirements.
The cheapest contractor isn't always the best value. Check references.

Dont hire an amateur fire restoration or drying specialist. Insist on seeing evidence of Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHOC) license. You can check license data at Maryland DLLR.Various municipalities and counties in Maryland also require contractors to be licensed and depending on scope of work, pull permits.

Why Hire a Professional Maryland Remediation Contractor instead of trying to do the Work Myself or with my Maintenance Crew?

After a fire or flood, property is often contaminated. You probably don't know:

  • When it is safe to enter.

  • How to protect against breathing in dangerous mold, lingering debris and other toxins.

  • A professional Maryland Restoration Company knows what to do and can address the issues quickly. That is important in order to prevent further damage.

    Fire damage can cause weak floorboards, walls and ceilings. Working in such an environment is dangerous. A professional Maryland Restoration company trains its employees and maintains proper insurance. Its not a liability that you want.

    Fire damage usually comes hand in hand with water damage - firemen apply water.

    If you do enter the fire or water damaged property, you should wear gloves, boots, and a facemask. Protect your lungs. Thick, protective clothing is necessary to protect from sharp, broken objects.

    The EPA has established guidelines for water damaged schools and commercial buildings. These are tasks that should be performed within 24 48 hours if possible.

    Why Should I Hire Only a Maryland Restoration Contractor that is Licensed & Insured?

    Damage or injury caused by a Maryland uninsured Contractor can result in denial of coverage. If an uninsured Maryland contractors employee gets hurt on the job, you can be liable. And if you didnt pull a permit when required, you might be forced to undo the work.

    Bonding can cover various property damage claims caused by a Maryland Restoration Company. Talk to your Insurance Agent about what you need to require from your Maryland contractor. You can find Workers Comp data at Marylands website.

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