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Fire Sprinkler System Contractor, Maryland


What do I need to know about Maryland Fire Sprinkler Contractors?

Many of our buildings in Maryland are older wood frame and the interiors of many brick facilities are constructed with wood and other flammables. In addition to the obvious personal safety advantage of state-of-the-art fire prevention products, insurance discounts are possible. Ask your insurance agent.

Learn about issues regarding fire safety and fire sprinklers from Maryland State Fire Marshall.

Baltimores Fire Prevention Code is similar to Marylands code but some parts are different.

Some other municipalities and counties have their own requirements.

Does my Fire Safety Contractor need to be fully Licensed and Insured?

Make sure your Maryland Fire Sprinkler Contractors Insurance is Current. Be protected from injury, death and property damage liability. Fire Sprinkler work is important - property managers, landlords and homeowners should verify insurance.

Talk to your Insurance Agent about what you need to require from your Maryland contractor. Maryland Fire Sprinkler Contractors require state license for contractors and fire safety inspectors. Some Maryland municipalities have their own license requirements for contractors and fire safety inspectors.

Verify Workers Comp of your fire safety contractor.

The Two Major Kinds of Fire Sprinkler Systems

There are a number of different Fire Sprinkler Systems but the main categories used in multi-unit housing, office buildings and single family houses are Wet Pipe the most common and typically most reliable - and Dry-Pipe usually employed where temperature reaches very cold temperatures, i.e. unheated facilities.
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