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Electricians, Maryland


Seven Things to Consider When Hiring a Maryland Electrician

Electrical work should not be performed by a handyman" but by a Maryland Licensed Electrician. See license data at Maryland DLLR. Some Maryland municipalities and counties require their own licenses. Find out if the electrician has the insurance that you need (more on that later.) Ask the right questions.

1. Does the electrician warranty his work?

2. What is the price for all the work to be performed?

3. If it will be necessary to cut into walls, ceilings or floors, exactly what will be cut?

4. Will you pull the permit if appropriate?

5. Check references.

6. Make sure that all labor, materials and cost to pull permit are included in the quote.

7. Once you have established the specs for the job, have qualified contractors bid on the same specs.

The cheapest contractor isnt always the best value. A general rule of thumb dont try to save money by buying electrical materials yourself if the electrician buys the material, he is responsible if it is the wrong product.

Can a Maryland Licensed & Insured Electrician Help Improve Safety and Lower My Energy Costs?

In addition to the immediate task at hand, there are other important questions that you should ask a Maryland Licensed Electrical Contractor:

  • Are the fixtures and wiring energy efficient and safe throughout my property?
  • Could I save energy cost or improve safety by replacing obsolete fuseboxes, receptacles or fixtures?
  • Why Should I Hire Only a Licensed & Insured Maryland Electrician?

    Licensed electricians can pull permits. Damage or injury caused by a non-licensed electrician can result in denial of coverage. Electrical work is dangerous. OSHA reports almost 300 deaths and over 4,000 injuries per year due to electrical injuries. Improper wiring or electrical work can cause fires and expensive property damage.

    Professional Property Managers wont assume the liability of hiring an uninsured paving contractor - smart homeowners dont either.

    Bonding can cover costs of repairing problems caused by electrician error. Talk to your Insurance Agent about what you need to require from your Maryland electrical contractor. You can find workers comp data on Maryland's website.

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