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Duct Cleaning, Maryland


When Should I Hire a Maryland Duct Cleaning Company?

If you have mold growth or vermin infestation in metal ducts, you should have the ducts cleaned. But you also need to address the cause in order to prevent the trouble. If insulation gets wet and moldy, you will need to replace the insulation insulation cannot be effectively cleaned.

In Maryland, most of duct cleaning companies also do Dryer Vent Cleaning and some do chimney Sweep. Ask about packaging these services dryer vent cleaning is a must for your maintenance schedule in order for fire safety.

What Can I Do to Better Maintain Cleanliness of My Ducts?

Use highest efficiency air filter applicable to your system. Regularly change your filters. Make sure the filters are properly installed and that the fit leaves no gap for air to circumvent. Do not run operate heat or air conditioning during renovation. Use high efficiency vacuum cleaner filters. Quickly address causes of wetness in or round your ducts before mold becomes a problem.

Should I Make Sure that my Maryland Duct Cleaning Contractor is Insured?

Professional Property Managers and smart homeowners wont do business with uninsured contractors why assume unnecessary liability? You should ask your insurance agent about what type of insurance documentation to require from your Duct Cleaning Contractor. You can look up workers' compensation in Maryland.
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