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Carpet Cleaning Companies, Maryland


Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Maryland?

Good quality Carpet Cleaning Companies have different types of advanced equipment and cleaning methods. Keeping abreast of best methods and cost of buying these types of equipment often requires economies of scale that property manager companies and homeowners dont have.

Proper maintenance can prolong carpet life, save money and make a great appearance.

Seven Points when Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company

1. Ask for referrals and check them out. According to a 1/8/2010 visit to Maryland DLLR, Maryland does not require state license for cleaning but mold remediation that entails structural renovation on residential housing does require state license. Check with your county and municipality about possible licensing requirements. As is the case for any business, business license is required.

2. Is furniture moving included in the price?

3. Does service include elimination of pet odors?

4. Is there an extra charge to remove heavy stains?

5. Does the price include use of fans to dry the carpet quickly?

6. Selection of the best method depends on type of carpet and stain or dirt. Either contact carpet manufacturer or consult with your carpets handling instructions to make sure that cleaning method is compatible and wont void warranty.

7. Methods include dry-foam, steam cleaning, dry extraction and absorbent pad. Once you have defined exactly what you require, you can compare bids from a couple carpet cleaning companies.

Why is it Important to Hire a Maryland Carpet Cleaner that is Insured?

Moving furniture can result in serious injury or property damage. Professional Property Managers will not assume the liability of hiring uninsured carpet cleaners - smart homeowners will not either.

Hiring an uninsured carpet cleaning contractor to do work on your commercial property or home could cost a lot of money. In the case of injury or property damage, your general liability coverage or home owners insurance might deny the claim because you hired an uninsured contractor. Ask your insurance agent about what kinds of insurance you should require of your carpet cleaning vendor. You can find Workers Compensation data in Maryland at Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.

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