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Water Submetering, Florida


Why bill residents for water and sewer or for other utilities?

Study results vary from 15% to 39% less water consumed in properties that are submetered. It's a win-win - empowering residents to save money by conserving while recovering your water and sewer costs. Whether the utility is water or gas or electric, the fact is that people use less resources when they are paying for consumption.

How much would I need to invest in submeters?

  • To retrofit submeters in an existing property, the cost ranges depending on how the property is plumbed. All hardware and labor to install typically ranges between $150 and $350 per unit.
  • Installing submeters in a new construction project typically costs between $90 and $120 per unit.
  • Costs to submeter gas and electric vary widely. As consumption of these utilities is so expensive, it almost always makes sense to submeter them in cases where they are not already individually metered.

  • What is the Return on Investment for submeters?

  • Required investment in submeter hardware and installation typically ranges between $150 to $350 per unit.
  • If existing 12 month leases do not allow the owner to bill for water and sewer, there will be a 12 month phase-in process as residents sign newly amended leases.
  • In an example in which $40 water cost per unit per month is recouped, the investment pays for itself in 14 months.
  • Typical Return-On-Investment for water submeters is about 85%.
  • ROI for electric or gas submeters is typically also very high.

  • My property's plumbing cannot accomodate submeters. Is there a way to bill residents for water and sewer without using submeters?

    In cases where a property cannot accommodate submeters or where the owner does not want to invest in hardware, RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing) is the best alternative means to recoup water costs.

  • This alternative method employs mathematical formulas to allocate a portion of each months water and sewer bill to each of the apartment units.
  • Ratios can be based on a number of factors and tailored to unique attributes of a property but are typically based on square footage, bedrooms, number of residents or a combination of these factors.
  • A third-party billing company computes and then bills and collects from each resident. The small fee for doing this is usually passed off to the residents as a separate line item on their bills.
  • The single best thing about RUBS is its Return On Investment. In mathematical terms, the ROI is undefined. In business terms, it's as good as it gets.

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