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Landscaping Contractors, Florida


Why is a Florida Landscaper Important to Property Value of commercial properties?

In Florida's competitive real estate market, first impressions are important to prospective tenants, buyers and homeowners. Is the entrance attractive? Are the trees and shrubs pruned? Is the landscape design colorful? Is your landscaper keeping the lawn and gardens tidy and free of debris?

Make sure your landscaping contractor is regularly pruning trees / bushes, controlling weeds, edging walkways and neatly managing grass clippings. Good lawn care and organized gardens help create a feel of caring management and strong community.

License requirements may apply in counties and municipalities for landscapers. Florida requires that Landscape Architects are licensed.

You can verify license data at DBPR.

What Should I Consider When Hiring A Landscaper?

Define your goals and establish specifications. Make sure all landscapers are bidding on the same specs. Note which landscaping contractors pay attention to details and make helpful suggestions. Make sure to ask landscape professionals for ideas to keep things attractive while also being maintenance friendly and economical.

For example, did one company go the extra mile and include some items that were overlooked in the specifications, and note them in their bid? Did one of the prospects make any suggestions regarding making the property more maintenance friendly? Did anyone insist that they present their bid in person so that they could answer questions and discuss details with the decision makers?

The competing bids need to address regularly scheduled clean-ups, fertilizations, mulching, tree & shrub pruning, frequency of lawn cuts during seasons and gardening issues. Make sure that contact persons are appointed on both sides landscaping company and for your property.

Its often a good idea to make sure that the landscaping contractor will consistently send the same team leader on your site. That foreman will get to know the property and will become familiar with your expectations.

Make sure to ask for references. Call on those references.

Why should you hire only an Insured Florida Landscaper?

Landscaping is dangerous work. Sharp & powerful equipment is used to cut through plant materials and soil. Groundskeepers can easily lose fingers or a foot. Tree and shrub trimming can cause debilitating back and neck injury. Professional Property Managers wont assume the liability of hiring uninsured landscapers - smart homeowners dont either.

Hiring an uninsured contractor to do work on your commercial property or home could cost a lot of money. In the case of injury or property damage, your general liability coverage or home owners insurance might deny the claim because you hired an uninsured contractor.

Make sure to consult with your insurance agent about what you should insurance and documentation you should require from you landscaper. You can find Workers Comp data at Department of Financial Services.

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